Watch Someone Use Jet Engines For Everything But Flying | Automotiv

Watch Someone Use Jet Engines For Everything But Flying | Automotiv

Gif: Warped Notion / YouTube

Matt Mikka has shared his insane engineering tasks with tens of millions of viewers world wide by means of his YouTube channel Warped Notion. Mikka has showcased numerous distinctive elements, from miniature combustion engines meant to a see-through intercooler. Mikka’s formidable tasks should be those involving jet engines. He has mounted jets to a scooter and a go-kart, and even constructed a complete jet propulsion system for a Tesla.

Jet Powered Go Kart

Mikka’s jet-powered go-kart was how I turned conscious of the YouTube persona. He has connected a number of novel motors to his kart, like a liquid hydrogen-fueled rotary engine. Nevertheless, the turbojet needs to be the least conventional methodology Mikka used to energy his kart. The brand new jet engine was mounted off the again behind the rear axle. He fully eliminated the standard drive chain. Thrust was the one factor pushing the kart ahead. Mikka said that the small turbojet produces round 70 to 80 kilos of thrust.

The kart’s efficiency was considerably boosted by the jet engine. With none mechanic linkages between an engine and the wheels, acceleration was easy and environment friendly. Mikka famous that the kart’s braking efficiency was additionally higher as a result of there was no drive chain to withstand the brakes. The controller interface for the jet was a bit sketchy, however the kart was an superior creation.

Jet Powered Tesla

The jet-powered Tesla was the kart challenge massively scaled up. Mikka designed and constructed a system with three jets mounted to the rear of a Tesla. He even created a middle console management interface that wouldn’t look misplaced within the cockpit of a industrial airliner. He additionally needed to match the electrical automobile with a gasoline tank within the trunk, resulting in the unusual state of affairs of pouring kerosene right into a Tesla.

If you wish to see much more loopy engineering concepts delivered to life, be sure you take a look at Warped Notion on YouTube.

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